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Do you Buy Old Jewellery?

Yes! We buy gold jewellry as well as sterling silver jewellery.

Do you Buy Scrap gold And Silver?

Yes! We buy scrap gold and silver, some of what we will buy are :

gold fillings, broken jewellery, junk silver, and unique items.

What is the Difference Between Scrap and Jewellery?

Jewellery would be something with retail value, (something to be fixed up and sold) scrap would be something to be melted down and recycled. 

What is My Piece Worth?

That depends on a few things! Primarily the Market, some of the other things that effect our offers are: the quality, the karat, rarity, and whether it is scrap or jewellery.

Do you Buy and sell bullion?

We Happily deal in all sorts of bullion, some examples are: Canadian Maple leaf's, Asahi, American Eagles, and many more!

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